What to expect from your first Reiki Treatment

What to expect from your first Reiki Treatment

Now here’s a question I get asked a lot:

“What should I expect during a Reiki Treatment?“

If you’re new to Reiki or just interested in finding out a bit more then this will no doubt be a question that crops up for you. It might come alongside “what if I don’t feel anything?” or “what if it doesn’t work for me?”

When arriving for your first treatment with Lyndsey or Elaine you will be required to fill in a general health questionnaire. The questionnaire is intended to help your practitioner determine the type of treatment that will be most beneficial to you, it is completely confidential and most parts are entirely optional – if you don’t want to tell us, we generally don’t need to know! The 3 main things we would need to know about are if you are pregnant, have a heart condition or diabetes. It is still safe for you to have Reiki with any of these conditions, but it is necessary that we are aware of it. You will then be asked to lie down on our therapy bed, or, if it is more comfortable for you, to remain seated. Reiki is completely safe, fully clothed and non-religious.The treatment will last approximately one hour in total.

Life force energy is then transmitted to you through a series of hand positions. Elaine is a Reiki Masters, so you can be assured that you are in safe hands! The hands may rest gently on you or slightly away from your body. During or after the session you may experience sensations of warmth, tingling, coolness, seeing colours or shapes, or nothing at all – except deep relaxation. All of these and many more are normal as Reiki affects each person differently. The energy that is passed on is universal energy, and will top up your personal energy. You may feel like you have had a really long deep sleep. Reiki promotes healing on many levels – physical, emotional, spiritual, mental etc. It is therefore impossible to predict in what way it will affect you specifically, but it will always be for your good. It should be noted that Reiki is not a substitute for seeking help from a qualified medical practitioner.

People can be sceptical of Reiki, and in a way this is perfectly normal. My advice would be to just give it a go and see what happens! Everyone I have treated has been pleased they tried it.

Appointments are available 7 days a week and cost £35 for a one hour session. Every tenth session is free with a loyalty card. Both Elaine and Lyndsey are members of the UK Reiki Federation.

Contact us at enquiries@kinburnholisticcentre.co.uk to book a treatment.
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